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Time & Attendance
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From Our Editors

  • Remote Job Clock
  • Source: REMODELING Magazine 3/1/2010
  • BlackBerry-bound supervisors will appreciate the PocketClock/GPS. Part of the JobClock time-and-attendance system, PocketClock/GPS lets mobile employees or crews clock in and out at dozens of locations each week, or a supervisor can clock in an entire crew in one action. Each time-punch includes a GPS fix so the office knows worker locations and can display them on a map. Users can also use the BlackBerry's camera to take jobsite photos and can record audio field notes, which can be combined with written notes in the BlackBerry. Time records and field notes are securely sent to the office using the BlackBerry's Internet connection and Exaktime's JobClock.net service. More
  • Electronic Punch Clock
  • Source: ebuild 10/8/2009
  • FastTrakker is a handheld device for workers to carry with them to use to punch in and out of the JobClock, a battery-powered system that provides easy, electronic employee-hour management on the jobsite. Workers use the FastTrakker's LCD menu display to select the cost code for that job/activity then touch the device to the JobClock to clock in for that activity. The JobClock then keeps track of every activity, at every location, and for every worker; the data can then be used electronically at the office to speed up and streamline payroll, eliminating the inaccuracies of paper-based systems. 888-788-8463. More

From Our Manufacturers

  • Exaktime Unveils PocketClock, GPS for BlackBerry
  • Source: ebuild 11/23/2009
  • Exaktime today introduced PocketClock, GPS for BlackBerry, software that transforms a BlackBerry smartphone into a portable GPS time clock and management tool for supervisors in the field. Part of The JobClock System, a time attendance solution designed specifically for harsh or outdoor work environments, PocketClock, GPS lets mobile employees or crews clock in and out at dozens of locations each week. Thousands of companies and over 600,000 workers in construction, maintenance, transportation, energy and health care already use JobClocks and PocketClocks for time tracking at remote locations. More
  • Exaktime Announces ClockPoint Kiosk Software
  • Source: ebuild 5/1/2009
  • Exaktime, Inc. today announced ClockPoint Kiosk, new software that lets office staff clock in on The JobClock System, the leading time and attendance system designed for use in the field. The JobClock System includes portable devices (JobClock and PocketClock/GPS) that are designed for outdoor field use, where ruggedness, mobility and "no wires" operation is a must. More

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