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Rotary Hammers
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From Our Editors

  • Rotary Hammers from Milwaukee
  • Source: BUILDING PRODUCTS Magazine 7/18/2011
  • The company recently added three SDS Plus rotary hammers to its line of tools: 5/8-inch and 7/8-inch corded hammers and the M18 cordless lithium-ion 7/8-inch rotary hammer. More
  • Rotary and Demolition Hammers
  • Source: ebuild 4/6/2009
  • Rotary and Demolition Hammers The 11264EVS and 11265EVS 1 5/8-inch rotary hammers and the 11321EVS 12-pound demolition hammer feature Vibration Control technology. The technology includes an optimized impact mechanism that reduces vibration at the point of impact while increasing impact energy by 10 percent and allowing for 20 percent faster drilling in concrete, according to the company. A shock-absorbent main handle further reduces vibration and therefore user discomfort. The 11321EVS demo hammer, shown, offers 50 percent less vibration and delivers 9.6 foot-pounds of impact force. It features constant response circuitry, a variable-speed dial, and a 1,300- to 2,900-bpm range. 877-267-2499. More

From Our Manufacturers

  • Rockwell 12-Volt LithiumTech Power Tools Are Power-Packed, Ultra-Light and Euro-Styled
  • Source: ebuild 2/3/2011
  • The Rockwell 12-volt LithiumTech family of Euro-styled power tools is loaded with premium features, starting with the same interchangeable, low-profile battery pack that fully recharges in only 30 minutes. Plus, each one of these compact, lithium-ion tools is a top-performer in its class. The LithiumTech line includes a drill/driver, screwdriver, impact driver, Sonicrafter , 3-in-1 3RILL and H3 3-in-1 SDS PlusRotary Hammer Drill. More
  • Cordless Power You Can Depend On
  • Source: ebuild 8/26/2010
  • Professionals can finally move to cordless rotary hammersand put the cords away, the new Hilti TE 4-A18 cordless rotary hammer is the newest addition to the Hilti 18-V cordless tool platform. More

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