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From Our Editors

  • Hand-held Hex Driver and Nut Driver
  • Source: REMODELING Magazine 6/4/2010
  • New Connext Handles have been combined with precision-fit and hardened Malco Chuck Drivers to create a versatile, durable hand-held hex driver and nut driver. All components, including magnetic hex chuck driver shafts and new hollow hex chuck drivers and Connext handles are also available separately. Replacing a worn hand driver with just a driver shaft at a time is more economical, the maker says, and changing a hand driver size can be as easy as retrieving a different size color-coded chuck driver from the tool box. 800.328.3530. More
  • Screwgun Model BFR750
  • Source: TOOLS OF THE TRADE Magazine 6/1/2008
  • Makita's newest screwgun, model BFR750, has a recip-saw shape and D-handle, silent clutch, and direct-drive transmission for heavy-duty use. The tool features an easy-feed system that drives collated screws from 1-3/4 inches to 21-5/16 inches, making it ideal for repetitive jobs such as drywall and decking. Its 18-volt, 3.0 amp-hour lithium-ion battery pack recharges in 30 minutes or less. Net weight is 5 pounds. Price: with Rapid Optimum Charger: $389. 800-462-5482. More

From Our Manufacturers

  • Makita's New Screwdrivers Are More Compact With Less Weight
  • Source: ebuild 3/24/2010
  • Makita is proud to announce the release of two new 2,500 RPM screwdrivers, models FS2500 and FS2701. These new screwdrivers have less weight with an ergonomic design and are built for continuous heavy-duty work in a range of applications. More
  • Hilti's SD 4500-A18 Drywall Screwdrivers are Built to Rock
  • Source: ebuild 10/27/2009
  • The new Hilti SD 4500-A18 Drywall Screwdriver offers everything professional rockers expect of a drywall screwdriver but in the world's first cordless design capable of serial production. This new 18 V Li-Ion screwdriver offers contractors independence from fixed power supplies, significant savings on damaged cords, reduced safety risks when operating in elevated and wet conditions, as well as improved mobility when working on lifts, ladders, stilts and scaffolds. More

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