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Acrylic & Glass Block
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Find instructions on how to install a glass block wall! Also, product information on glass block windows, creating a glass block shower, the acrylic window and many more glass block details.


From Our Editors

  • Insolar Low-E Glass Block
  • Source: BUILDING PRODUCTS Magazine 3/9/2007
  • Reducing solar heat transmission by 38 percent and raising insulation value 23 percent, Insolar low-E glass block decreases heating and cooling loads and glare to protect against UV rays. Used in window, exterior wall, and stairwell applications, it comes in three sizes. 800-624-2120. More
  • Pittsburgh Corning Blocks out Competition with Energy Efficient Glass Block Option
  • Source: ebuild 1/31/2007
  • Although environmental consciousness is often times associated with the outdoors, an increasing concern over energy conservation has broadened the demand to protect the inside of homes and buildings, as well. Aligning with emerging industry trends, innovative thinkers at Pittsburgh Corning have taken a major step above their competitors to improve the performance of their glass block with the introduction of the first energy efficient glass block option, the INSOLAR Low E glass block product. More

From Our Manufacturers

  • Frosted Colored Glass Block Provide Style and Function to a Window or Shower Wall
  • Source: ebuild 11/18/2009
  • New lines of colored and frosted glass block now provide the opportunity to add style and to also increase privacy and add more light to a dark space. Columbus Glass Block offers broad lines of frosted and colored glass block that can be used for interior walls to separate bathrooms from main living areas, exterior windows on the side of a building or home, or even for a shower wall, kitchen backsplash, bar, transom or conference room. More

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