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Fiberglass Windows--Combination Units
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From Our Editors

  • Serious Windows 925 Series
  • Source: BUILDER Online 8/3/2010
  • The 925 Series window line is more than twice as efficient as rival brands and more than three times as efficient as Energy Star specifications. It offers a fiberglass frame, up to R-9.1 insulation, and 99.5 percent UV protection. Five exterior colors are available, as well as interior colors and species such as oak and fir. Serious Materials. 800-797-8159. More
  • Tilt and Slider Windows
  • Source: ebuild 9/24/2009
  • New double-hung Tilt windows and Side Slider fiberglass windows in the 500 series come with double-pane or triple-pane glass. The company's 300 series casement and awning windows now feature hardware by Truth Hardware. The hardware is offered in a variety of finishes, including coppertone, white, antique brass, pewter, and brushed chrome. 888-232-4956. More

From Our Manufacturers

  • Pella Windows and Doors Offer Green Solutions to Building Professionals and Homeowners
  • Source: ebuild 11/2/2007
  • Pella Windows and DoorsThe definition of green building is in the eye of the beholder. Numerous state, regional and local green building programs exist and currently no one national standard has been established; however, three points to consider remain constant: 1-the commitment to green building, 2- ENERGY STAR-rated products and 3- improved indoor air quality can be a benefit of green building practices. More

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