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Fiberglass Windows--Single Units
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From Our Editors

  • Round-Top Windows
  • Source: BUILDING PRODUCTS Magazine 3/14/2011
  • All Ultrex windows are now available in round-top styles. The windows are made with a glass-reinforced composite material that is virtually indestructible, the company says, and they are Energy Star-rated. More
  • Wood-and-Fiberglass Windows
  • Source: BUILDING PRODUCTS Magazine 3/8/2011
  • Essence windows combine a wood interior and a fiberglass exterior for a wood look with a durable exterior surface. The windows feature traditional butt joinery and no visible fasteners, nail holes, or staple marks; an integrated weep system keeps moisture from penetrating the interior. With the standard glass package, the windows are Energy Star rated and have R-values ranging from 3.33 to 3.57; optional triple glazing is available for up to 30% more efficiency. More

From Our Manufacturers

  • Pella Windows and Doors Offer Green Solutions to Building Professionals and Homeowners
  • Source: ebuild 11/2/2007
  • Pella Windows and DoorsThe definition of green building is in the eye of the beholder. Numerous state, regional and local green building programs exist and currently no one national standard has been established; however, three points to consider remain constant: 1-the commitment to green building, 2- ENERGY STAR-rated products and 3- improved indoor air quality can be a benefit of green building practices. More

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