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  • EarthSmart Sunroom
  • Source: REMODELING Magazine 6/4/2008
  • Made from 98 percent recycleable materials, EarthSmart sunroom designs incorporate numerous energy-saving features, including Energy Star-rated roof system panels, insulated glass doors and window walls, and insulated floor panels. Strategically placed glass roof panels offer daylighting inside the sunroom, and sliding windows and doors provide passive ventilation. 800.480.1966. More
  • Edwardian- and Victorian-style conservatories
  • Source: REMODELING Magazine 6/4/2008
  • The recent acquisition of K2 USA/Canterbury Conservatories yields an expanded product line, with Edwardian- and Victorian-style conservatories in 12 standard sizes, and available custom options. Admiral's TI-23 Glass System or polycarbonate can be used for the windows, and customers can choose an aluminum system or a vinyl system with a white or wood-grain beveled edge. 951.549.9810. More

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