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Vinyl-Clad Wood Windows--Combination Units
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Wood windows--vinyl-clad, combination units by Andersen Windows, Summit windows and doors, and Weathershield windows. Search and compare 2000+ product records.


From Our Editors

  • Visions 1500 Windows
  • Source: REPLACEMENT CONTRACTOR Magazine 12/4/2008
  • The all-vinyl Visions 1500 product line features an integral brickmold and nailing fins, as well as built-in J-channel for simplified installation and a finished look. Visions 1500's 2 3/4-inch extruded frames are made of white or tan uPVC vinyl with high-impact acrylic modifiers and UV stabilizers to strengthen and protect against color fading. The line includes single hung, single slider, and direct-set windows in standard or custom sizes. Insulated 5/8-inch glass with a Real Warm Edge spacer system is standard. Several other glazing options, including low-E, are available. 800.584.7680. More
  • 300 Series Double-Hung Window with Simulated Transom
  • Source: BUILDING PRODUCTS Magazine 5/14/2007
  • PeachtreePeachtree. The 300 series double-hung window with simulated transom reduces installation time and hassle, compared with a standard double-hung unit with a mulled transom, according to the manufacturer. The simulated transom is created by extending the height of the top sash of a double-hung and adding a 3-1/2-inch profiled simulated divided-light grille bar. 800-732-2499. More

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